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A Stylish Cyberpunk Shooter with Chaotic Combat and Massive Destruction
Design Lead | Team Lead | Assistant Programmer
Development Period: 6 months across 2021-2022


Pandemonium is a Cyberpunk-themed Third Person Shooter integrating object physics and highly destructible environments. The goal was to create a strong foundational gameplay structure to build upon in the next semester.



  • Led a team of 2 others across the development cycle, keeping project on task and mediating conflicts/development issues.

  • Built all levels, from prototyping, to testing, to final level

  • Object placement to manage game flow.

  • Managed all documentation and Github

  • Created initial game design with long term development plans

  • Created combo system for movement integration into enemy kills

  • Created slow-motion integration with UI element

  • Created score and rank systems to grade player performance post-game

  • Create QA materials and analyze responses


New Materials (v1.5.5):

Old Materials (v1.0 and earlier):

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