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An Exploration of Morality in The Industrial Revolution
Design Lead | Team Lead | Lead Writer | Programmer
Development Period: 3 months across 2021


Rise Up is a text-based story game based around the 2nd Industrial Revolution. Playing as a Steel Mill worker, players must navigate the moral quandaries found in running a worker's strike. The goal of Rise Up is to help assess players' moral perceptions of themselves versus the reality of their actions.



  • Led team of 2 others (artists and contributing writers) to complete project milestones within time budgets to meet development milestones, reflecting on the progress and adjusting goals as needed

  • Headed the design of the project, dictating theme and the kinds of scenarios to throw at players

  • Wrote the entire story (editing done by teammates)

  • Programmed moral calculation and all text based variables in HTML and creating responses explaining the kinds of decisions players make


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