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The Things I Do
For Drachma

An Intense Boss-Rush Story Set in Ancient Greece
Designer | Assistant Artist | Assistant Programmer | Team Lead
Development Period: 3 months across 2020


The Things I Do For Drachma is a top down boss-rush game with a focus on melee combat blended with more supernatural abilities. The game also features a narrative experience revolving around a not-so-bright thief named Hermia. She was tricked by Hermes into robbing a temple. When Hermia robs the temple, she opens a portal. After she enters, the portal closes and she is forced to confront the power of the gods to escape.



  • Wrote all documentation regarding project (design doc, post-mortem, etc.)

  • Managed Trello page and Github repo

  • Created base player armor sprite, spear, and fire ring (in part with artist created modular assets)

  • Programmed Boss movement and tracking, as well as parts of the game tutorial

  • Assisted with UI/UX design

  • Assisted other team members with their responsibilities

  • Sound Design across all game levels (SFX, Music, Menus)

  • Level Design using assets made by artists


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