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Hi, I'm a Game Designer and Writer. I just finished my postgraduate appointment at XR Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine and am searching for my next opportunity! I have experience in programming, design, and project management. I specialize in game systems design and narrative design. When I'm not making games, I love to read, write, and explore all manner of storytelling.

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Professional Experience
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Writer | Narrative Designer

Team Size: 5

Development Period: 7 Months

Showcased Skills: Narrative design | Fictional Writing |  Serious Game Design | Production

Educational game made working at XR Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. AR-based alcohol harm reduction game for the Magic Leap One.

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Systems Designer | UI/UX Designer | Research Assistant

Team Size: 7

Development Period: 8 Months

Showcased Skills: UI/UX Design, Reward/Feedback Design, Educational Game Design 

Educational game made working with the Play4Real XR Lab, part of Yale's Center for Health and Medicine. The Goal is to provide students with a fun means of learning the workings of advertising and their effects on consumers.

Featured Projects
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Design Lead | Team Lead | Assistant Programmer

Team Size: 4

Development Period: 6 Months

Showcased Skills: Combat Design, Encounter Design, Systems Design

Cyberpunk-themed Third Person Shooter integrating object physics and highly destructible environments.


Design Lead | Team Lead | Lead Writer | Programmer

Team Size: 3

Development Period: 3 Months

Showcased Skills: Narrative Design, Programming, Writing

Text-based story game based around the 2nd Industrial Revolution.  The goal of Rise Up is to help assess players' moral perceptions of themselves versus the reality of their actions.

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Designer | Assistant Artist | Assistant Programmer | Team Lead

Team Size: 3

Development Period: 3 Months

Showcased Skills: 2D Design, Boss Mechanics, Character Design 


A top-down boss-rush game with a focus on melee combat blended with more supernatural abilities. The game also features a narrative exploring the misadventures of a not-so-bright thief named Hermia.


View some of my analyses and design documents.

Showcased Skills: Writing, Documentation, Understanding of Game Mechanics

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